Being vaguely productive and positive.

Whereas most bloggers post every couple of days, your boy Niro posts every couple of months, no wonder I never made it as a writer, jeez.
Anyway, let’s get to it!

I’m going to do another blog in a couple of weeks (no honestly, I really will) because by then I will have run the half marathon and completed #RunningForNiro 2016 and so will have various things to ramble about so until then just a brief stopover to… announce…? (Maybe not announce as that sounds like I should be holding a press conference)  but just really here today to let you all know what my cause is for the thirteen miler;

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To run, to watch, to feel.

After what is now my customary two year hiatus’s between blogs you boy Niro is back after the latest gap to bring out the latest blog! Which today, will come in three parts;

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Hope you don’t … MIND …

Firstly, as seems to be commonplace in these blogs, I apologise for the mountain of time (can mountain be used as a unit of time? It can now!) between blogs, I always intend to do them more regularly but at this rate I only seem to be churning these out once every leap year.

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Avoiding The Journey

For the people (un)lucky enough to know me there is one thing they’ll all be able to tell you, and it’s that people aren’t always my favourite things in the world, sometimes I can be a bit of a hermit, or like to left alone, I am a Grinch and wish Christmas would chill and get out of my face, other times I’ll be in a crowd or group of people and feel non existent, like a bad internet box I often get disconnected from that around me.

For example I was at one of those discotheques (great word by the way) Saturday night and there I was stood on the side looking out over a room full of people all having fun and enjoying themselves and I felt a zero percent need to join in, it felt like I was looking at a different form of life or something, I didn’t recognise who they were and why what we were all doing was supposed to be a thing.

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Waiting for me to fall/You wont be there to catch me forever.

Firstly, the blog would like to apologise for the massive hiatus, not entirely sure what happened there but the ‘good’ news is that FindingNiro is back – And as emo as ever!
Just to ease myself back into the habit of writing coherent sentences again it’ll just be a short blog today. I just wanted to briefly bring up people, you know, those moving things with hair on the top that talk at you, yeah, those guys.

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The Wrasslin’ Trilogy

Anyone who knows me is aware of my love for all things WWE. I’m a massive fan who is there for every Raw, for every Smackdown, subscribed to the Network and fully brought into NXT, so when WWE does its bi-annual tour of the UK where exactly do you think I am? At the GODDAMN SHOW, that’s where! But this time I set a new height and attended three shows in four nights in two cities, and here’s how it went down – and more importantly, the reason as to why I do it.
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Jealous of the mask you wear.

The world is a global village where people from the furthest distances can connect in an instant, we can see what the edge of our solar system looks like without leaving the house. We’re living in an age where you don’t have to meet a stranger in person to become friends, these wires run through the ground and connect us to endless possibilities and to making endless connections, we can get to know more people than ever – then why do loneliness and isolation spread like wildfire in such a connected world?
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